Q. Why should I use Haskell Registration to register my trailer(s)?

Answer:  Low registration costs!  We offer the BEST prices on long-term Maine Trailer Registrations!  You can register your trailer for as low at $15.00 per year or less!   We Save you Money!  In most cases, no sales tax is required for out-of-state trailer registrations if they are used for interstate commerce.  We also offer long-term license plate options for up to 12 years!  (Do you have more than 1000 trailers?  Ask us about time-payment options for plates that are good for up to 20 years.)

As Statutory Agents for the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles for over 35 years we will act on your behalf to take care of the registration process so that you do not have to hassle with the DMV or worry about who is going to manage all your paperwork! Whether you have a commercial trailer or a personal trailer, from one to a fleet, we will take care of the registration process on your behalf with integrity and customer service you can rely on!

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Trailer Registration
Q. Do I have to be a Maine resident to register my commercial trailer in Maine?

Answer:  Absolutely NOT! 

We process in-state and out-of-state trailer registration and tags.  Maine allows individuals or businesses to register their trailers here, even if you don’t live here!

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Select your trailer type from the Trailer Registration page (click below) and follow the instructions.

Trailer Registration

Q. As a business how would I register our trailer(s) in Maine?

Answer: It’s simple!  If it is your first time registering with us you will download the trailer packet that best describes the trailer you have. (Click link below to view all of our packet options.)  This packet will outline everything we need to get the process started.  Whether for an individual or a fleet, we handle everything else.

Do you have more than 1,000 trailers?  Ask us about time payment options by giving us a call (207)622-3843 or by emailing us at register@new.haskellregistration.com.  (Time-Payment clients can register their trailers for up to 20 years at a time for an even greater cost savings.)

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Select your trailer type from the Trailer Registration page (click below) and follow the instructions.

Trailer Registration

Q. When do I have to title my trailer(s) in Maine?

Answer:  If your trailer is 3,001 lbs. or MORE Empty Weight (not GVW), has not been titled in your name previously AND is 25 years old or NEWER, you are required to title your trailer in Maine OR provide proof that you have applied for a title in your state already, in the form of a Title Receipt issued by your local municipality.

If your trailer is 26 years or older OR weighs less than 3,000 lbs. Empty Weight, you are not required to title it in the State of Maine.  In this scenario, we will only need a copy of a Registration in your name or Bill of Sale as proof of ownership to register it in Maine.

Q: Can I register or title Campers, Bunkhouses, or RV’s with you?

Answer:    Unfortunately, No.  

As of January 1st, 2017 we no longer register: Camper Trailers, Pop-Up Campers, RV’s or Bunkhouses

To help you better understand why we made this decision, we have outlined a couple of those reasons below:


  1. Maine’s Excise Cost is too expensive:   The State of Maine charges an Excise Tax (Town Tax) that is paid annually on all trailers or RV’s that have living quarters in them.   The Excise Tax is derived from the Showroom Value of the unit and NOT the depreciated value, as you would find in most other states.  (Based on our experience Maine is approximately 20% – 40% more expensive per year for these types of trailers to register.)
  2. What would WE do if we were in your shoes?:   This is a question we have asked ourselves for the last 30 years.   If we were in your shoes, we would want someone to have enough integrity to tell us if we were about to overspend on something or if there was a cheaper way of doing something.   Well…we do care about the people we come in contact with, whether you do business with us or not, and want to make sure that we continue to lead with this kind of integrity, even if it means we are not the best solution.  (In this case…we are simply not the best solution.)  

(Please Note: Any trailers that do NOT have living quarters in them can be registered and will provide a significant cost savings in most cases with our long-term trailer registration plates. We can register anything from Snowmobile trailers all the way up to semi-trailers and everything in between.) Click here to learn more: Maine Trailer Registrations – Long-Term Trailer Plates (haskellregistration.com) 




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