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Why us:

Haskell Registration provides Maine Trailer Registrations for as little as $15.00 per year.  Long-term Plates (5-12 years) can be shipped within 24 hours.  More than 1,000 trailers? Ask about Time-Payment Plates (20 year plates). Here at Haskell Registration we do our best to provide fast and friendly service every time.  We register commercial trailers, as well as residential. From 1 to 100,000…we do it all!

Trailer Registration


We provide Long-term Maine Trailer Registrations…at unbeatable prices and outstanding service. In other words, no more standing in line at the DMV for hours! Unfriendly people? A thing of the past!  No more vague descriptions of what is needed to get your trailer(s) registered! STOP overpaying for your trailer registrations!  Because now you can get long-term trailer plates that are good from 5 – 12 years at a time for as little as $15.00 a year.  (No minimum order quantity required.)  Do you have more than 1,000 trailers in your fleet?  If so, you may be eligible for Time-Payment Plates that are good for up to 20 Years for a even greater cost savings!  Ask us for more details. 

We register all types of trailers from commercial trailers to utility trailers.  We also register any number of trailers…from 1 to 100,000.  Therefore, our clients rely on us to provide a timely turn-around, without compromising accuracy and service. All of the while doing our best to keep the registration process as simple and hassle free as possible!

Car Registration

In order to obtain a quote for your Car, Truck, Van or Motorcycle please be sure that:

  1. Your vehicle’s 17 Digit VIN #.   (If your vehicle’s VIN has less than 17 digits in it, we CANNOT Register it for you.) 
  2. We do not register any motor vehicles that are 26 years or older.
  3. Your Purchase Price is accurate.
    • Failure to put the correct purchase price can result in additional charges or returned incomplete work.
  4. Your vehicle is NOT Salvage, as Maine will not register or title a Salvage vehicle. 

Our team will email you a quote within 1 business day with your final price and a complete list of documents required in order to complete the registration process. This is a no obligation quote.