Car Registration

Car Registration

In order to obtain a quote for your Car, Truck, Van or Motorcycle please be sure that:

  1. Your vehicle’s 17 Digit VIN #.   (If your vehicle’s VIN has less than 17 digits in it, we CANNOT Register it for you.) 
  2. We do not register any motor vehicles that are 26 years or older.
  3. Your Purchase Price is accurate.
    • Failure to put the correct purchase price can result in additional charges or returned incomplete work.
  4. Your vehicle is NOT Salvage, as Maine will not register or title a Salvage vehicle. 

Our team will email you a quote within 1 business day with your final price and a complete list of documents required in order to complete the registration process. This is a no obligation quote.


Please take notice of the following before sending us your information:

  • We CANNOT register any vehicle or motorcycle if you are a Maine Resident or have a Maine Address.  We only register for out-of-state registrants.  (Maine Registrants are required to register their motor vehicles through their local town offices.)
  • We CANNOT register any vehicle or motorcycle that are 26 Years or OLDER.
  • Maine will NOT register or title SALVAGE vehicles. 
  • We CANNOT register any vehicle that weighs 10,000lbs GVW or heavier.
  • ALL vehicles that can be registered in Maine must have a title. If you have a lien on the vehicle the title must be released to our agency at time of registration in order to complete the registration process.
  • ALL of the required documents listed on page 1 of the quote packet, including the quote itself, must be sent to us via mail, FedEx or UPS.   We will not accept any partial work.  ALL work that is sent to us incomplete will be sent back at the customer’s expense without notice.
  • If you have a title that has more than one seller name as the owner, both names MUST sign off on that title in order for Maine to accept it.   Maine is considered an “AND” state, which means that every name that is listed on the title as an owner must sign off to the next person.  If a title is sent that has a signature missing it will be sent back at your expense, as we would not be able to process it for you per Maine law. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although it is legal, in the State of Maine, to provide a valid Maine Plate and Registration to an out of state registrant, it may NOT be legal for you to register your motor vehicle outside the state in which you reside. We would advise you to check with your local municipality or law enforcement to make sure that you are abiding by your current State Laws. If you choose to ignore your state laws, you do so at your own risk.